Cama EA9 Handi-Lift
Cama EA9 Handi-Lift
Cama EA9 Handi-Lift

Cama Handi-Lift EA9

Handi-Lift Type: EA9. The Handi-Lift is designed for straight staircases and is built individually with regard to the width and length of the staircase. Normally the lift can be installed without considerable rebuilding costs.

The lift can be delivered in both an indoor and outdoor version, installed on either wall or columns. The Handi-Lift is provided with barrier arms and sensitive flaps on the front and rear edge of the platform. The barriers, flaps and platform are folded electrically, hereby the lift takes up minimal space on the stair when “parked”. In parked position the barrier arms will be folded down behind the platform and is thus protected against vandalism.

The Handi-Lift is built in accordance with the latest European standards and is delivered CE-marked. The lift is equipped with soft start and brake, which ensures a smooth and pleasant drive. The Handi-Lift can be delivered with batteries, which ensure operation during power cuts.

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