Chiltern 100 Series Ceiling Mounted Hoists

A range of ceiling mounted hoists which has combined the simplicity of the popular 100 Series with a new, aesthetically pleasing design and added safety features ideal for home or care environments. Each model ensures controlled transfer from the bed, chair, floor, toilet or bath at the touch of a button.

The Wispa 100 series range of hoists comprises of two hoist models classified by weight capacity;

Chiltern 100 Plus – 130kg (20 stone) 293lb
Chiltern 100 Turbo – 200kg (31 stone) 440lb

  • Safe, controlled transfer from the bed, wheelchair or floor
  • Freewheel, powered traverse and X-Y option for complete room coverage, models compatible with powered and manual turntables
  • Battery or transformer (mains) power options (mains powered option have no batteries to recharge and are ideal for track spans of up to 3 meters in length)
  • Optional infra-red handset
  • Simple to recharge – charge unit supplied wispa 100 series ceiling mounted hoist
  • Clear, bright hand control – soft touch colour-coded handset
  • Compatible with the Wispa range of slings, other manufacturers slings may be used subject to an assessment of risk please see a copy of our Compatibility Statement.
  • Emergency stop and emergency lowering
  • Visual and audible low battery warnings
  • Slack tape safety feature as standard
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