CAMA EA6 Handi-Lift
CAMA EA6 Handi-Lift
CAMA EA6 Handi-Lift
Cama EA6

Cama Handi-Lift EA6

Handi-Lift Type EA6: The Handi-Lift is for curved stairs and stairs with a landing. It is individually manufactured with regards to the stair’s width and length. It is designed so it will fit into all buildings without essential alterations. The Handi-Lift drives in the stair’s inner curve and can thus turn 90 and 180 degrees and drive across a landing. The lift is provided with safety arms and flaps on the front and back of the platform.

  • Battery driven so the risk for a power cut is removed and there are no ugly cables.
  • It is delivered as a fully automatic lift, where platform and safety arms are operated automatically.
  • This model can also be delivered with a remote control.
  • The lift can be changed from right to left side in an easy and simple way and with low costs.
  • The platform measures 1000 x 800 mm, but can be adjusted to the individual stair or wheelchair. Is also delivered for outdoor use.
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